We are Edinburgh based people photographers specialising in portraits and weddings.

We work from our own home, a relaxed studio space just off the Edinburgh bypass or out on location to create stunning photos that you will want to have on display as artworks in your home.

Portraits with us are a chance to show the character of each person.

We moved into people photography as the variety and interest of working with individuals then catching their best look and their character really appeals to us.

That could be the beauty of a new born baby, the joy of a newly engaged couple, the special bond of families or just a chance to get a decent photo of yourself that you can be proud of!

We offer portraits in our studio, just off Edinburgh City bypass or out and about in Edinburgh or beyond! That could be in your own home or in a local beauty spot.  As Edinburgh has wonderful beaches, woodland and hills that we can work with for stunning photos of you and places that are special to you.

We edit and prepare all the photos here, using both colour and black and white. Each image is individually worked with to give a very high quality set of images. Having a background in the darkroom, he started in photography in his teens, gives Alastair a keen eye to the best finish for each photo.

You can then choose to have us make up prints for you, framed photographs, on metal or canvas or to have a printable disc of your photos to keep and print yourself.

With prices from just £75 for an hours photo shoot it is a great chance to get some truly memorable photos.

Get in touch today to book a time to suit, we offer day, evening and weekend appointments depending on availability.